I 751 Checklist

______$500 Legal Service Fee - Cash, Check, Visa or Money Order

This application should be filed at least 90 days before the expiration of the conditional residency.

1.______Money Order / Amount:      $595.00 plus $85 biometrics fee =  $680

Payable to: US Department of Homeland Security

2.______Copy of Green Card   - Front and back

3.______Marriage Certificate

4.______Proof of Current Address

5.______2 Passport Style photos

6.______Police Clearance (or DOJ report)

______ OR if you have a Criminal Record:

  • An original or court-certified copy of your sentencing record for each incident, and evidence that you completed your sentence, specifically;
  • An original or certified copy of your probation or parole record, or
  • Evidence that you completed an alternative sentencing program, or rehabilitative program set aside, sealed, expunged or otherwise removed from your record, submit:
  • An original or court-certified copy of the court order vacating, setting aside, sealing expunging or otherwise removing the arrest or conviction
  1. ____Divorce Judgment (if applicable)
  • Declaration from Ex-Spouse on your behalf if the divorce was amicable
  • Child Custody Information regarding the minor children (if any)
  1. ____Declaration of the applicant explaining why there was a delay if you are filing beyond the date of expiration

9.____ Evidence of the relationship

            Documents should cover the period from the date of the marriage to the present date.



Copies of any lease, rental agreements; showing joint occupancy

Rent receipts

Mortgage held jointly; or the Title of the House

Letter from the Landlord or Neighbors stating they know of the relationship

Utility bills, such as electricity, water, garbage


Joint Bank account statements

Federal Income Tax Returns, W-2 Forms for the years you have been married

Credit Card Statements

Evidence of joint credit accounts

Documentation of Assets

Insurance & Vehicle:

Life Insurance policy (to show spouse/children as a beneficiary)

Health insurance policy (to show spouse/children as a beneficiary)

Auto registrations showing joint ownership and/or same addresses;

Auto Insurance ID Cards (naming your spouse as an Additional Insured)

Drivers licenses of both spouses; preferable with the same address


Birth certificates of your children with your present spouse, if any

Two Sworn affidavits from your parents/family members regarding their knowledge of your marriage and relationship

Two Affidavits of friends testifying to the personal knowledge of the marriage and relationship.

Child Custody Information – if you or your spouse has children from a previous marriage


Photos of you and your spouse together taken over a period of time.

Tickets or Reservations of any trips you have taken together


A letter from the current employer (for each)

Proof of Previous Addresses where you have both lived together

Any other document that you consider relevant to prove your relationship.