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Form Automation Services

Did you know that Clio, Docketwise and MyCase all have features that allow you to automate client correspondence in seconds?

Let me help you set up your form automation.
Solo attorneys and small firms I have worked with prefer the virtual ‘one-on-one’ assistance, rather than calling the software customer service center only to be bombarded with links to the tutorials.

Why you need it:
Your subscription to the above-mentioned software comes with bells and whistles. Let’s use them!
Automating your correspondence is like multiplying your time.
Save your brain power for the hard stuff.

What I can do for you:
I am an independent contractor and I work one-on-one with small offices.
I meet with you, or a designated staff member and we identify up to 20 of the most common correspondence you send to clients, opposing counsel, or courts/agencies. If you don’t have a document library, I can help you create one.
Soon, you can be generating correspondence to clients in seconds, which over time, will save you hundreds of hours.

Free Consultation
I offer a free 20-minute consultation to see if my service is right for you. If we decide I can help you, the cost is $200 to add 20 templates (up to 5 pages in length each) to your software. The templates uploaded are either provided by you, or created with you. I currently have various templates to choose from in immigration and family law.

These are just some examples of the letters that you may already have or that you’d like tailored to your firm. The possibilities are endless.

Sample General Correspondence Bundle

Letter to Client – Notice of scheduled event
Letter to Client – Notice of canceled event
Letter to Client – Your application was approved
Letter to Client – Your application was denied
Letter to Client – Re: Recent action taken on your case
Letter to Client – Please sign and return
Letter to Client – Draft forms for your review
Letter to Client – Please mail or drop off the following
Letter to Client – Enclosed is your copy of the retainer agreement
Letter to Client – Disengagement of Services
Letter to Client – Billing Reminder
Letter to Client – Fee Increase starting July 1, 2022
Letter to Client – Please sign the consent to withdraw
Letter to prior attorney – Request for file
Letter to Agency - Request to reschedule

Send me an email or give me a call to schedule your free consultation via Zoom.

I am not an employee of clio, docketwise or mycase.

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