320 i-94, 102,

What do I bring


  • Certificate of Naturalization  and a copy
  • In-state, fully valid driver's license or identification with a photo, also bring a copy
  •  one photograph with your application
  • Application Fees, (bring your checkbook or purchase a money order at the post office at the time of your appointment)
  • IF this is a renewal application, be sure to bring the last passport that was issued to you by the Department of State.


320 Preparation Checklist

What information will I need to provide?


  • Name, Address, and Phone number of an emergency contact.
  • Name of your parents and their birthdate if available
  • Full Name of Current Spouse or Most Recent Spouse, date of marriage, date of birth, and place of birth.


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What are the fees?

$65 preparation fee to complete the forms and to make the copies (payable to Mia Olvera)

$110 - $140 for processing - Bring a checkbook or be prepared to buy the money orders at the post office.

$35 Payable to the Acceptance Facility at the time of the appointment.

Adult Applicants (Age 16 and older):

Product Application Fee Execution (Acceptance) Fee
Passport Book $110 $35
Passport Card $30 $35
Passport Book & Card $140 $35

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320 faqs

How do I track it after I apply?

You can track your application status online or call the National Passport Information Center. You can begin tracking your application 7-10 business days after you applied.

For up-to-date information on when you will get your passport, please see Processing Times. If you need your passport quickly, please see Get My Passport Fast.



Covid-19 update

Per the travel.state.gov website, it is important to note that there are significant delays with COVID-19.

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Forms: Print or complete online

Print the Form here: DS-11

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